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Aloft hotel overview


Aloft Hotels is a brand of hotels based in North America. Its parent company is Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, although it is referred to as "a vision of W Hotels". The concept was developed in 2005, with the first hotel opening at the Trudeau International Airport in Montreal in 2008. Aloft Hotels have since opened across North America and around the world. The majority of its hotels are located at or near major airports.The brand is most notable for its style, which is different from the majority of hotel brands. The hotels offer a modern design, with unique technical aspects, and an atmosphere that encourages socialization. Another characteristic of the hotel is the names it applies to otherwise basic hotel amenities. For example, in each hotel, the swimming pool is referred to as "splash". The staff of Aloft Hotels use the same lingo, and may greet guests by saying "Aloha!".

Most popular Aloft hotels