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[5-Day Tour] Huang Shan, Qiandao Lake & Hangzhou Highlights (Private, no-shopping)


Private Tour


Huangshan | Hangzhou

Huang Shan | Hongcun village | Qiandao Lake | Lingyin Temple | West Lake

From the craggy, pine-dotted peaks of Huang Shan (Yellow Mountains) to Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake) and the man-made lakes West Lake in Hangzhou , experience a quintessential Chinese fusion of natural and created beauty, making for some serene scenery.


Day 1 Huangshan airport/train station pickup

Tunxi Old Street (Túnxī Lǎojiē, 屯溪老街) (about 2 hours)

Located in Túnxī (屯溪), the central district of Huangshan City, Tunxi Old Street is a stone pedestrian street lined with old shops and restaurants in restored buildings, some originally dating back to the Song Dynasty, done in the traditional style of the region's Huizhou culture.

Stay overnight at the downtown hotel you've arranged in Huangshan. (Accommodation fee is not included in the price.)

Day 2 Huangshan city-Huang Shan (includes lunch)

Huang shan (Yellow Mountain, Huáng Shān, 黄山) (about 5 hours)

The craggy rock faces, hanging mists and clustered pines of Huang Shan create a lovely and distinctly Chinese landscape, one instantly recognizable from countless images on silk, paper and porcelain. The mountain range, consisting of some 70 peaks over 1,000 m (3,300 ft), spills across the southern province of Anhui in an exquisite jumble of scenic highlights—twisted lone pines clinging to stony spires, seas of clouds filling rugged valleys, and crystalline mountain spring-fed pools.

Climb up the mountain by Yungu cable car.

Enjoy stunning views from several viewpoints such as Shixin Peak (Shǐxìn Fēng, 始信峰), Lion Peak (Shīzǐ Fēng, 狮子峰) and A Monkey Gaping at the sea (Hóuzī Guān Hǎi, 猴子观海).

Lunch on top of the mountain

After lunch, it's time for more spectacular views from Paiyun pavilion (Páiyún Tíng, 排云亭), Feilai Stone (Fēilái Shí, 飞来石) and Brightness Summit (Guāngmíng Dǐng, 光明顶).

Stay overnight at the hotel you've arranged on Mt.Huangshan

Day 3 Huang Shan-Hongcun-Huangshan city (includes lunch)

Early in the morning, enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huang Shan.

After that, go back to hotel and enjoy breakfast (not included in price).

Descend the mountain by Yungu cable car, and then drive about 1 hour to Hongcun.

Hongcun village (Hóng Cūn, 宏村) (about 2 hours)

A charming traditional Huizhou village, Hongcun is best known as the film site of the Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You'll be able to bike around the village with your guide and also visit a local family where you'll have the chance to gain a better understanding of the life and traditions of the local people.

Lunch at a local restaurant in Hongcun

Back in Huangshan city (Tunxi) you'll visit the Hukaiwen Chinese ink stick factory to find out how Anhui's famous calligraphy and painting ink sticks are made, or the Huizhou Culture Museum to learn about the local region's distinctive Huizhou culture.

Stay overnight at the downtown hotel you've arranged in Huangshan.

Day 4 Huangshan city-Qiandao Lake-Hangzhou (includes lunch)

After breakfast, your guide will accmpany you to Qiandao Lake by bus.

Qiandao Lake (Qiāndǎo Hú, 千島湖) (about 5 hours)

A visit to Qiandao Hu quickly reveals the source of the name. Literally translated, it means "Thousand Island Lake" and indeed, at last count the 573 sq km (221 sq mi) body of water is home to 1,078 large islands and thousands more smaller ones. It is a unique landscape that was intentionally flooded to create the massive and impressive island-filled body of water from which celebrated Chinese brand Nongfu Spring sources its water. Each island, from Snake Island, Monkey Island, to Bird Island, is home to a brand new sight for you to explore thanks to this dramatic transformation.

First boat ride around Qiandao Lake and islands.

Then visit Bird Island (Niǎo Dǎo 鸟岛), Lock Island (Suǒ Dǎo, 锁岛) and Meifeng Island (Méi Fēng Dǎo, 梅峰岛). Round way cable cars on Meifeng Island are included.

After lunch in the boat, you will drive to Hangzhou.

Hefang Street (Héfǎng Jiē, 河坊街) (about 1 hour)

Shop for souvenirs and snacks along Hangzhou's Hefang Street. A lively commerce center since the Song Dynasty, this pedestrian street is lined with shops and restaurants occupying traditional buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style. Busy stalls selling various souvenirs add to the hustle and bustle of this famous street.

Stay overnight at the downtown hotel you've arranged in Hangzhou.

Day 5 Hangzhou (includes lunch)

West Lake (Xī Hú, 西湖) (about 1 hour)

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011, Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction, West Lake and its surrounding gardens, hills, rockeries, temples, pagodas and parks have for centuries inspired poets, officials and tourists with their beauty. This beauty pulls an estimated 12 million domestic tourists and half a million foreign tourists annually making it—and, consequentially, Hangzhou—one of China's most tourist-heavy locales.

Its placid waters and lush tree-lined shores, praised by emperors and poets alike, have been the setting of many famous events in Chinese literature and history. Board a vessel and cruise across the lake to view famous sights like Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, the Bai and Su Causeways and Solitary Hill. Flower Harbor Park, located next to Su Causeway, houses many of Hangzhou's most well known attractions, including Red Carp Pond and Peony Garden.

Lingyin Temple (Língyǐn Sì, 灵隐寺) (about 1 hour)

The Lingyin Temple, which literally means "where the divine rest in seclusion," has long been considered one of the most important Zen Buddhist (Chán in Chinese, 禪) temples in China. Established in 326 AD, Lingyin is located at Feilai Feng, making it one of Hangzhou's most significant and popular attractions.

Longjing tea plantation (Lóngjǐng Wèn Chá, 龙井问茶) (about 1 hour)

The Longjing tea plantation is home to dragon well tea (longjing cha) one of China's most famous types of tea. Located in Meijiawu, the plantation is a legendary Hangzhou attraction where you can tour the grounds, learn about the complexities of tea and experience a traditional tea ceremony.

After lunch, you'll be transferred to the airport/station for departure.

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